"Brad is a brilliant strategic mind that can effectively vision and impart solutions while remaining cognizant of the importance managing and mitigating organizational change."


Brad blends his strong technical knowledge with outstanding strategic insight to the people he works with and projects he works on. Brad boldly challenges individuals to live up to their potential. Brad's leadership strengthens the team, and individuals develop stronger under Brad's tutelage. Josh Garvey, President at ClearPlan

Brad is a brilliant strategic mind that can effectively vision and impart solutions while remaining cognizant of the importance managing and mitigating organizational change. Brad is a true subject matter expert, yet still has this amazing thirst for knowledge! He is aggressive, focused, well versed at communicating with all organizational levels...and most notably, Brad is visibly passionate about his work. I have the utmost respect for Brad professionally and personally...he is a tremendous asset to any organization...and I am very blessed to know him as a friend! Deb Garrand, Managing Director, Accenture Strategy

I highly recommend Brad to anyone looking to achieve high-quality results in a customer-focused fashion. Brad has the rare-combination of engineering analytical skills and business acumen; aligning these skills with his tremendous communications capabilities result in Brad being one of the most effective leaders that I've had the pleasure of working with. Brad is comfortable across a wide range of technologies and business climates, and always finds a way to deliver value in an efficient manner. Alan M. Brown, Vice President, L3 Mustang Technology

Brad was recommended to me by one of my most trusted colleagues. He has been my personal executive coach for the past two years. Working with Brad allowed me to significantly advance my career. Brad’s approach is unique and quite refreshing as he always focuses on the client. He is able to get to the point and advance his client’s thinking very quickly. His knowledge, experience and insight provide a real advantage to his clients. He has a keen sense of business and is able to diagnose issues to get to the root cause. I highly recommend Brad as an Executive Coach as his experience, expertise and business acumen are unmatched. Amnon Aliphas, Senior Principal Technologist, Raytheon Company

Brad is among the most astute and talented business coaches and strategists I have worked with. I’ve gone to him many times for advice. What I find is that Brad is able to take in the big picture and guide you to a specific focus by asking the right questions at the right time. In addition to being a trusted advisor, he is also personable and has a kind heart. He is able to see the people behind a business challenge. If you're looking to grow your business, strengthen your team or improve your own performance, Brad should be on your list of people to call. Tom Richert, Enterprise and Project Transformation Coaching, Consulting and Speaking, Principal, Lean Project Consulting

Brad has been my Coach since early in 2016. During this time he has helped me achieve my professional goals, whether they were to land a job, change careers, or achieve business objectives. He often tells me, “I am fully committed to my clients’ success”, which he demonstrated each time we spoke, whether it was weekends, nights, vacations - even during a hurricane! With his coaching, I have succeeded in pivoting from a strong career in Engineering to an even better one in User Experience Design, including landing a dream job in this new field. The path from one career to another, coupled with the search for a new job, is undoubtedly a struggle. During this journey, Brad coached me through shaping my strategy, such as my building my online presence and reaching out to other professionals in my desired field for advice and insights. He was my sounding board during the trials of interviewing and negotiating. He built up my confidence and helped me develop my leadership skills. Brad empowered me to know my worth and guided my negotiations with a prospective employer. Through his coaching, I was able to obtain a total compensation package beyond what I thought was possible. In preparation for starting my new job, he coached me through the initial conversations with the director, my supervisor and peers. With his acumen and persistence, Brad instilled in me the mindset of succeeding though delivering value to the Customer and Company. He drew well on his forty years of leadership and business experience , as well as his experience as an Executive Coach. With Brad’s help, I am thriving at my new company and in my new career. I am pleased to recommend Brad Schupp as an Executive and Business Coach to individuals and companies who hope to achieve the results they desire. Lisa Valentine, UX/UI Designer, Test and Inspection Division of AFL

If you’re looking to grow your business, Brad is the person to do it for you! I have worked closely with Brad for over 25 years and have witnessed his ability to transform an organization through the rigors of strategy development and execution supplemented with process improvements that will increase quality and reduce costs. The key to his success in transforming organizations is his focus on aligning all groups within that organization to the strategy and then setting rigorous standards and goals for all members of the team to meet during it’s execution. He is also a Master Black Belt who will guide your organization in the development and execution of improvement programs that are directly linked to increased margins. You will not find a more disciplined individual with a more rigorous process capable of engaging all levels of the organization and building their commitment to produce increased top and bottom line results. Al Zampiello, Senior Project Manager, Raytheon Company

Brad was introduced to me by my most trusted colleague. His executive coaching style is both highly personalized and truly eye-opening. In terms of personalization, he gets to know his clients – their personality, preferences, history, and aspirations. In terms of being eye-opening, he has a knack for helping people see the forest through the trees and asks challenging questions that cannot always be answered on the spot – yet questions that are key to where the client wants to go. I absolutely recommend him as an Executive Coach to help individuals understand what they are capable of and reach their full potential. Dan Valentine, Esq., P.E., Senior Project Manager and Head of Nuclear QA, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.

When I started my engineering career in 1983, I had the good fortune to be working for Brad Schupp. In addition to being our boss, Brad was always coaching our team to be better than we thought we could be, and, to achieve more than we thought possible. Although I've always been technically very competent, Brad helped me realize that I needed to develop in ways that were orthogonal to my technical skills, but essential to my professional growth. He helped me improve my critical thinking, applied in different ways, to communication, project planning, career planning, and optimizing professional interactions with co-workers and Customers.
Over the years Brad has helped me develop these skills with a close coaching relationship. He continues to be a very trusted advisor. Brad has the ability to evaluate any business situation, identifying the essential elements needing to be addressed, to maximize the probability of achieving the desired outcome. Through his coaching, he has helped me develop these same skills. This has proven invaluable to me as I have transitioned between individual contributor, consultant, and business owner roles throughout my career. I have been empowered in my professional life to successfully choose and pursue any direction of my choosing. I credit Brad for helping me to have the necessary skills to make that happen. I highly recommend Brad if you have a need to develop and build a team of high performing leaders. Mark Pieper, Applications Engineer at Texas Instruments